WL12 Double 3 way 12 inch high performance Line Array Speaker
Passiver Lautsprecher

WL12 Doppelter 3-Wege-12-Zoll-Hochleistungs-Line-Array-Lautsprecher

punkt nr.: WL12
Type: Passive
Drivers: LF 2 x 12 ; MF 2 x 6.5"; HF 3 x 1”
Impedance: 8 ohms
Frequency Response: 52Hz-18kHz  (± 3dB)
WPL Specification
TYPE Three-way, bi-amp line array element
DRIVERS LF: 2 x 12” (300mm)/3” (75mm) voice coil, ultra-long
excursion, neodymium magnet drivers
MF: 2 x 6.5” (165mm)/2” (50mm) coil, Ferrite
magnet drivers, horn loaded
HF: 3 x 1” (25mm) exit neodymium magnet
compression drivers, horn loaded
MAXIMUM SPL LF: 139dB, MF: 140dB,  HF: 145dB
NOMINAL IMPEDANCE LF: 8 ohms, MF + HF: 8 ohms
DISPERSION 90º horizontal (-6dB), 120º horizontal (-10dB),7.5° vertical
CROSSOVER 320Hz active, 4kHz internal passive
FINISH multi-laminate birch and poplar-ply construction
Black textured paint
CONECTORS 2 x NL4 type
DIMENSIONS (ex. pins) (W) 1136mm x (H) 371mm x (D) 526mm
  (W) 44.7in x (H) 14.6in x (D) 20.7in
WEIGHT 64kg (141lbs)

Imported voice coil and cone, high quality Neodymium woofer and tweeter
Rigging components:high grade steel with anti-corrosion coating
FIrst grade Russian birch plywood 
The WPL is a full horn-loaded, bi-amp driven dual 12" 3-way line array system. Its high output is achieved by applying horn loading technology to all frequency bands, which effectively boosts the acoustic output energy in the low, mid and high frequencies.



LF : 12 inch neodymium magnet drivers
Horn design and reflective loading for improved efficiency and output, improved directional control while reducing power consumption and noise from all directions of the horn.

MF : two 6.5 inch Ferrite magnet drivers
The mid-frequency section uses two 6.5-inch cone-shaped cone drivers, which are responsible for the reproduction of the 300Hz to 4kHz vocal frequency signal, enhancing vocal clarity and consistency, more efficient and better directivity control than traditional direct-firing designs
HF : three 1 inch neodymium magnet  
The high-frequency part is equipped with three 1-inch throat drivers, which are responsible for signal reproduction above 4kHz, minimize distortion and expand high-frequency response.


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