K4-1400 DSP 1U Hochleistungs-Touring-Bühnenverstärker

K4-1400 DSP 1U Hochleistungs-Touring-Bühnenverstärker

punkt nr.: K4-1400 DSP
Model: K4-1400 DSP
Channel: 4 channel power amplifier
Feature: 1U/Digital Amp/4CH/Class D/DSP Control
Output Power:
8Ω Stereo Power (RMS): 1,400W X 4CH
4Ω Stereo Power (RMS): 2,200W X 4CH
Certificate: CE, ROHS
Normally rating power should be
Amp-power x 1.5 times compared to the power of the top speaker 
and Amp-power x 2 times for the subwoofer.

To protect and extend your amplifier's working life, please don't use this amplifier under 2 ohms.
K series amplifiers are suited for Middle and High speaker, but not good for Subwoofer.

K4-1400 Digital Power Amplifier
K4-1400 1U 4-channel power amplifier, small size, light weight, easy to install. The circuit uses a Class D power amplifier module, a reliable and efficient R-SMPS stabilized power supply system, which has extremely high efficiency and controllability, and also has extremely high power density, which can adjust the current waveform according to the AC voltage waveform. Wide voltage operation, adapt to the global scope, can carry higher power.
Digital Amplifier K4-1400 Feature:
1. Use the Class D power amplifier module. Unique peak clipping limiter and ripple reduction. 
2. The perfect protection system effectively reduces the losses caused by improper use. 
3. The perfect circuit design makes the bass strong and powerful, and the mid and high frequencies are transparent and clear.
4. 1U design, its lightweight and very small space occupation rate.
5. It is widely used in large and medium-sized bars, banquet halls, and outdoor performances.
6. A DSP module with high cost-effectiveness, which has all the basic necessary DSP functions.


K Series DSP Module Function:
►48kHz sampling frequency DSP processor, 24 bit A/D and D/A conversion; 4 in and 4 out DSP modules.
► The display screen monitors the temperature of the amplifier output channel at any time
►The PRO indicator light remains on when the power amplifier is under protection.
►The quick copy function can copy the adjusted parameters to other channels.
►Configure USB devices and RJ45 network port holders for a more convenient connection to PC software.
► Observe the 2-inch LED screen and directly adjust the parameters or connect to the computer to control through software.
► The operation panel can store 30 types of user programs for quick calling.
►The device can be locked to prevent misoperation.
► All 4 inputs have 9 independent parameter equalization segments

① Adjustment range -12dB~+12dB,
② The equalizer mode can be selected from PEQ, LF, HP;
③ Input configuration noise gate, phase, High-Low Pass, input integrated test, channel parameter copying, mute, and other functions.

► All 4 outputs have 9 independent parameter equalization segments,

① Adjust the gain range to -12dB~12dB,
② The equalizer mode can be selected from PEQ, LF, HF
③ Output configuration voltage limiter, delay, phase, High-Low Pass, output integrated test, channel parameters, mute, FIR, and other functions


Audio parameters
Analog input
4 x XLR balanced
Analog output
4 x XLR balanced
Signal-to-noise ratio (A-weighted)
Maximum input level
+21 dBu
Maximum output level
+21 dBu
Frequency response
20Hz – 20kHz; -0.5dBu at 20Hz and 20kHz
THD+N distortion
≤ 0.004 @ 1kHz 20dBu
≤ 0.003 @ 1kHz 0dBu
DSP processing  1 xAKM7735 DSP
Parametric EQ
Input with 7-segment parameter equalization
Output with 7-segment parameter equalization
Equalizer type
All equalization filters can be set to LOW PASS Filter; High Pass Filter; PEQ;
Equalizer gain
Range: -12dB~+12dB, step accuracy: 0.1dB
center frequency
Adjustable step accuracy of 1Hz within the 20Hz~20kHz frequency band range
Q value/broadband: 
Q value range: 0.3~15, with steps of 0.1
Input&Output Gain
Range: -0dB~+10dB, step accuracy: 0.1dB
High and low pass filtering of IIR frequency division part
Butterworth slope 12/24 dB optional
Bessel slope 12/24 dB optional
Linquez Riley slope 12/24 dB optional
Output COMP voltage limiter
Selectable ratio range: 1.00:1~INF: 1; Inflection point: 0-100%
Mode type: hard pressing; Moderate; Soft compression
Supply range: -12dBu~+12dBu
Start control time: 0.1ms~500ms; Release time: 0.001ms~2000ms
ground noise
-90 dBu

►K Series DSP Software Download: https://gofile-3645595742.cn2.quickconnect.cn/sharing/0NnSsURNY

4 Channel 600 watt compact d amp power amplifier Sinbosen K4-1700 4 channels 2800 watts into 4 ohms professional 1u digital class d module amplifier D4-2000 4 CH 2 ohms stable High Power D AMP Amplifier   D4-2000 DSP 4 Channel Digital D Amp Professional Audio Amplifier   Sinbosen FP10000Q power amplifier upgraded version powerful working perfectly with dual 15 inch speakers      
8Ω Power (RMS): 600W X 4CH
4Ω Power (RMS): 900W X 4CH
8Ω Power (RMS): 1700WX4CH
4Ω Power (RMS): 2800WX4CH
8Ω Power (RMS): 2,000W X 4CH
4Ω Power (RMS): 3,400W X 4CH
2Ω Power (RMS): 4,760W X 4CH
8Ω Power (RMS): 2,000W X 4CH
4Ω Power (RMS): 3,400W X 4CH
2Ω Power (RMS): 4,760W X 4CH
8Ω Power (RMS): 1,350W X 4CH
4Ω Power (RMS): 2,100W X 4CH


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