Das Audiosystem KA208 D4-2500 FP1400 funktioniert in Schweden hervorragend!
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Das Audiosystem KA208 D4-2500 FP1400 funktioniert in Schweden hervorragend!

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: 2022-08-25 23:27:22

Today we share a sound system from a Swedish customer.
Processor: AD48
Power distributor: LAS4+8(5 cores)
A total of 4 pieces FP14000 subwoofer amplifier
A total of 2 pieces D4-2500 digital power amplifier

The FP14000 amplifier and D4-2500 were shipped from Sinbosen's European warehouse, which is very efficient! The rest of the processors, power distributors, speakers, etc. are shipped to Sweden by sea channel. After receiving the goods, the customer tested and shared his speaker scheme.

In terms of subwoofer amplifier matching, in many demanding places like bars, customers prefer 2-channel amplifiers because stereo restore is better achieved. For example, Sinbosen's two channel subwoofer amplifier: D2-3500, FP14000, FP24000.

In this project, the client connects a double 18 inch subwoofer with each channel of FP14000 2 channels 8Ω2400W/4Ω4400W)!The 4-channel D4-2500 digital amplifier connects two KA208 linear arrays per channel.

D4-2500 amplifiers4channels 8Ω2200W/4Ω4000W are more than sufficient to match the KA208 line array. But this customer seems to be a big fan of D Series! D Series is loved for its small size and big energy! If you pursue cost-effective.K4-1400 (4 channels 8Ω1400W/4Ω2200Wdigital amplifier or FP8000Q (4 channels 8Ω1000W/4Ω1600Wis enough!

As the main acoustic reinforcement, the KA208 LINE ARRAY has a convenient suspension rigging system, which can be easily assembled into the flight array you want.As a double 8 inch line array, if the combination of 8+2, generally can cover 1000 to 2000 people. The Swedish customer already had four dual 18 inch subwoofers. The combination of 8+4 can rock the scene!

The 4-in, 8-out DSP Software Control AD48 digital audio processor is one of Sinbosen's top sellers.Each input and output has 16 parameter filters, gain control, noise gate function, RMS pressure limits, built-in pink/white noise generator, and adjustable delay. The slope of the divider is optional from 6dB/Oct to 48dB/Oct. The delay step accuracy is 0.02ms, and the level gain accuracy is 0.1dBu, which can meet the fine adjustment on site.

And LAS4+8 line array power supply equipment power distribution box for stage event festival construction entertainment audio sound systems power control.

Finally, thank this customer for his enthusiastic sharing! Enjoy the music!

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