Soundtest des professionellen Y8+Ysub-Hochleistungs-Audiosystems!
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Soundtest des professionellen Y8+Ysub-Hochleistungs-Audiosystems!

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: 2023-04-12 17:57:59

This is an open outdoor venue, welcome to the Y8 sound testing site.Through the video, you can hear the sound effect of this sound combination! The sound is full and powerful, with high reproducibility. This perfect sound presentation is related to the exquisite material of the speaker, high-end speakers, and clever design.

The compact 2-way passive designed Y8 line array speaker has two 8” drivers in a dipole arrangement and a centrally mounted 1.4” compression driver with a wave transformer. The exquisitely designed horn shape combined with advanced bass reflective port design can provide full bandwidth ultra-low frequency output capability.Y8 can provide controllable 80 ° horizontal pointing up to 500 Hz. The vertical inclination angle can be adjusted with an accuracy of 1 ° between 0 ° and 14 °, and can arrange up to 20 vertical line columns.

The Y-SUB, paired with it, is a High performance flexible cardoid subwoofer. It includes two neodymium magnetic drive units: an 18 "driver in a bass flex chamber facing to the front and a 12" driver in a two chamber bandpass design radiating towards the rearThe cardioid coverage characteristic formed by this structure avoids the energy distribution behind the system, provides the highest precision low-frequency reproduction, and reduces the energy diffusion to unnecessary areas.Like the Y8, the SUB speaker box is made of high-grade plywood and is coated with anti-collision and weather resistant polyurea. The front of the speaker box is protected by a rigid metal mesh, which is supported by acoustic foam. At the same time, the side panel is equipped with two handles, and the rear of the box is installed with four casters. The SUB is equipped with three point suspension components, which can hang an array of all Y-SUB speakers, and can be combined and installed on the top of the Y8 line array or stacked on the ground for use.

Regarding amplifiers, you can choose from LA12X, FP10000Q, and more. Both dual inch linear array speakers below 15 inches and FP10000Q can be connected one channel at a time.
One FP10000Q can be connected to 4 single 18 YSubs or 4 double 8 inch Y8. As for the two Y8 and one Ysub used in this sound test, only one FP10000Q is needed!

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