Neues Gehäuse für die digitalen Endstufen K4-1700 und K4-1400!
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Neues Gehäuse für die digitalen Endstufen K4-1700 und K4-1400!

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: 2023-05-04 16:13:01
K4-1400 and K4-1700 digital 1u power amplifiers are small and portable with high power;
It has similar power to FP10000Q switching power amplifier, very suitable for mobile performance, and the price is more favorable!

RMS output K4-1400 K4-1700 FP10000Q
4Ω Power 4X1400W 4X1700W 4X1350W
8Ω Power 4X2200W 4X2800W 4X2100W

The Sinbosen amp manufacturer has upgraded their panels with thicker and higher quality enclosures.

The panel thickness of a power amplifier can affect the thermal dissipation and mechanical stability of the amplifier. The thicker the panel, the better its ability to dissipate heat generated by the amplifier, as it provides a larger surface area for heat to escape. This can be particularly important in high-power applications where the amplifier may generate a significant amount of heat.
In addition, thicker panels can provide increased mechanical stability to the amplifier, reducing the likelihood of vibration or other forms of mechanical stress that can degrade performance or even damage the amplifier.

The price is still the same after the upgrade, and you can also choose one of the old and the new.

The casings of the new K4-1400 and K4-1700 are similar to the new D series. If you like this casing, you can also consider the new D series. The D series is a series of digital power amplifiers with higher power. It can work stably at 2ohms and can easily Loads of powerful speakers/subwoofers!

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