Erfolgreiche Restaurierung des 7 Jahre alten Verstärkers des Kunden!
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Erfolgreiche Restaurierung des 7 Jahre alten Verstärkers des Kunden!

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: 2024-05-23 18:53:13
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In 2017, a customer from Africa purchased our FP10000Q audio amplifier, and the FP10000Q amplifier has been providing them with reliable service for the past seven years, experiencing professional performances large and small!

Recently, this customer came to Guangzhou on a business trip - which is also where Sinbosen Audio Equipment Co., Ltd. is located. By the way, bring the amplifier to our company for repair.

After inspection, our engineers found that a certain capacitor was faulty and the power amplifier was accompanied by a lot of dust, which were all causes of the power amplifier failure.

Now that you know the problem, it’s easy to solve it! Our skilled technicians quickly replaced the failed capacitor and used carbon dioxide dry ice to completely remove the internal dust.

Then we plugged it in for testing. The FP10000Q power amplifier returned to normal operation and the sound quality remains the same! The FP10000Q power amplifier uses high-quality Siemens capacitors and
ONSEMI transistors. Its excellent accessories and circuit design give it a long life. Some parts are broken, just find the problem in time and replace it, and you will find that your amplifier can miraculously work normally again!

Now our FP10000Q has come to the 8-post fan version, which means it is an upgrade from previous versions in 2017. Sinbosen’s FP series amplifiers are becoming more and more stable and powerful! We are working hard to make it work for a long time and are committed to making its sound leave a deep impression and become your loyal stage companion!

Sinbosen has a 3-year after-sales warranty, please click here refer to the details. We are not only committed to providing high-quality products, but also to providing reliable support to ensure customer satisfaction. If you are in another place, you can record the operation failure and send it to sinbosen. Our experienced engineers will determine the problem and give you a solution!

We would also like to remind all customers of the importance of regularly cleaning the inside of your amplifier from dust. This helps prevent overheating and extends the life of your device.

For more details, check out this before and after amplifier repair video. Choosing us means choosing lasting quality and professional service.


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