FIR-Filter WiFi 4X8 Audioprozessor digitaler Lautsprecherprozessor,4 Input 8 Output Prozessor
4 Input 8 Output Prozessor

FIR-Filter WiFi 4X8 Audioprozessor digitaler Lautsprecherprozessor

punkt nr.: LA448
4 Inputs and 8 outputs
With FIR filter function
Voltage: AC90V-AC240V
Frequency range: 20Hz-20KHz
12 sections of EQ can be adjusted for each channel
WiFi / RS485 central control and drive free USB control interface

LA448 adopts latest fourth generation processor, with many conventional audio algorithms such as routing / gain / delay / compression / amplitude limiting / mute / equalization / high-low pass filter / all pass filter and phase.
In addition, the following personalized functions are added, and each function is completely closed or opened independently.

► 96KHz / 192Khz sampling rate switching, with both functions, brings more application scenarios.

► Dynamic equalizer is automatically optimized for large signal or small signal.
► FIR filter can perfectly correct the phase distortion caused by system parameter adjustment.
► The delay of each channel is up to 1200ms, and the precision is optimized to 0.01ms with the fine adjustment of sound field or phase.
► 4-way input and 8-way output, complete routing assignment, can be set to multiple working modes.
► Color LCD display, real-time dynamic level display, Chinese and English interface optional.
► One key mute and global total volume control.
►  Equipped with WiFi / RS485 central control and drive free USB control interface, which can be adjusted by the control software at the PC.


Technical Parameter
Frequency response
>118dB at 1% THD+N 10Hz-25KHz
Maximum input level
+20dBu /7.775Vrms
Maximum output level
+20dBu /7.775Vrms
Gain range
- 80dB to + 12dB per channel
Input impedance
>10K ohm. XLR input
Output impedance
< 60 ohms. XLR output
test signal
Independent sine wave / white noise / pink noise for each channel is optional
Input equalization
12 sections (parameter / high / low rack / all pass) + 3 sections dynamic equalization
Threshold / ratio / start time / recovery time adjustable
High pass type
Ningke / Bessel / Bart 6 / 12 / 18 / 24 / 30 / 36 / 42 / 48
Low pass type
Ningke / Bessel / Bart 6 / 12 / 18 / 24 / 30 / 36 / 42 / 48
Adjustable delay
1200ms / accuracy 0.01ms for each channel
Group delay
2.8ms@96KHz / 1.2ms@192KHZ
Output equalization
16 segments per channel, supporting parameters / high / low frame / all pass filter
Output FIR
Low pass / high pass / band pass direct setting, coefficient support import / export
DRC dynamic control
Clipping (peak or RMS value) + compression
Volume / mute control
Direct panel knob, total volume and mute control
Phase control
Input / output: 0 / 180 degree flip per channel
Online control
Three online modes of USB / WiFi / RS485 central control
Level meter
Dynamic indication of display level
Power range
85V-260V 50Hz-60Hz
Net weight: 3.6kg, gross weight: 5.2kg
Overall dimensions
(46 x 482 x 250mm), excluding interface

Software Interface
①The machine is equipped with PC side control software, which can control the machine remotely through WiFi / RS485 / USB port, and the PC side operation is more intuitive and fast.

②The following figure shows the signal flow and algorithm composition of the machine.


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